Summer Special

Package starting 29 August 2014

Tippmann Marker, Mask, Gas, Overall

and 120 Paintballs !

Only R 100.00

R60.00 per person for a 1½ hour     session.  


This includes the rifle, mask, gas and also 20 Paintballs.   

Extra Paintballs are sold at 45c per ball. 

Own Guns Range fee of R40-00

Only Field paint allowed in Field markers


Bulk Paint can be bought at :

R200-00 for 500

R380-00 for a 1000

R700-00 for box of 2000

CO2 Refill  at  R2.00 per Oz. 

Compressed air at 3000psi available as well ! 

Overalls can be hired at R10.00 per person

 Phone for paint prices !!